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Dodge Challenger Performance

The very first Dodge Challenger came out in the early 70’s as Dodge’s answer to the Camaro and the Mustang. Once again now that we have seen the comeback of Camaros and Mustangs so too has the Challenger come back to rule the streets once again. This time the third generation of the Dodge Challenger is knocking some heads and taking names. It wasn’t built for gas mileage; it was built to be the biggest, baddest and the toughest Pony car on the road. They definitely did not pull any punches when developing the new Dodge Challenger, 0-100 mph in less than 13 seconds. But as in all stock vehicles there are the aftermarket upgrades that could push the Challenger over the top of all the rest.

If it were my Dodge Challenger I would start with the exhaust system. It may already sound like a monster, but I want it to sound like Godzilla roaming the streets of New York. The MBRP exhaust system for the Dodge Challenger is one of the top if not best exhaust system money could buy. With the polished to a mirror finish right out of the box you will know that you have chosen wisely. It is 3.0″ in diameter for the V8 engines and 2.5″ for the V6 Engines and is available in either T-409 stainless steel or T-304 so it won’t rust. And you can expect to gain 14 horsepower at the rear wheels and 9 ft/lbs of torque on the V6 engine for the performance single exhaust. The Dual exhaust upgrade for the V6 puts out 20 horsepower and 12 tq. . Those are some impressive numbers for the V6. Now on to the V8’s, the 5.7L Hemi exhaust from MBRP adds an amazing 24 horsepower and 24 torque. These are some amazing gains, which in most cases about double the gains of the competition. And the SRT-8 performance exhaust for the 6.1L Dodge challenger adds 29 horsepower and 25 torque. These numbers are unheard of for just a cat back exhaust system upgrade. Also because of the engineering of the pipes and their diameter, Fuel economy gains can be up to 3 miles per gallon for a conservative driver. And believe me, it’s harder to be conservative when you have another 25 horsepower available under your foot. Best yet it comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty and it isn’t going to void the factory warranty from Dodge.

Second I would want to enhance the Dodge Challenger’s performance by increasing the air that gets to the engine. There are many different air intakes on the market. The goal is more air into the engine to help get more of the fuel burned. More air equals more power. Most cold air intakes are going to install in about a half an hour and typical gains are right around 20 horsepower. They can even help out a mile or two per gallon on fuel economy for the conservative driver. Which is great for the weekend warrior types that commute with their muscle car during the week and play on the weekend, because they are going to save money on their every day drives and have maximum power for when they need it.

Finally the last basic mod that I would look in to getting is a performance chip or tuner. They are very easy to install with a total of ten minutes or less and then you are out playing. The Diablosport predator is an excellent option for a tuner. The Diablo Sport Predator will give about 20 more horses at the rear wheels and 20 ft/lbs of torque, also gaining 1-3 mpg, once again as long as you aren’t trying to win Indy. There you have it, three simple ways to improve the performance of the Dodge Challenger. Probably the best thing of all though is that when the different modifications are used together, they work together, and you end up getting bigger gains out of each item. So instead of being 20 plus 20 plus 25 equals 65, it ends up being more like 75 or 80. Now it’s time to have some fun.

Dodge Challenger Exhaust

This year 2009 the Dodge Challenger won the J.D. Power and Associates APEAL Study which examines how gratifying a new vehicle is to own and drive, based on owner evaluations. They do the study on more than 80,000 owned and leased vehicles for the 2009 model year. The survey is done after 90 days of ownership. The Dodge Challenger also received the AutoPacific Best in Class Ideal Vehicle Award that uses 15 attributes that owners are asked to rate the vehicles that are new for that model year. The Dodge Challenger took the prize in the Best Sporty Car Category. That is great that one of the Dodge family has still got it after all these years. After the first 90 days of owning a vehicle people start to point out the things that they want to be better. One area that can be improved on any vehicle especially the Dodge Challenger is the Exhaust System.

After market exhaust system are built for power. There are a couple other benefits that actually come with extra power as well. Not only is a performance exhaust system going to give a nice increase in power that you can feel in the seat of your pants. It will also increase engine efficiency. With the pipes that lead the way out of the exhaust being larger in diameter, and having mandrel bends that make a much easier exit path for the exhaust gasses, the engine doesn’t have to work so hard to get the exhaust gasses out. Because of that, you end up with increased engine longevity. The gasses are cooler because they aren’t getting backed up, and the engine runs a little cooler. On top of all that

Upgrading out of the stock exhaust system will change the sound of the Challenger. Don’t get me wrong, the stock sound is a good sound but it isn’t great. Some things in life are good and there isn’t anything wrong with good. We are judged by averages in everything we do and say, performance in the work place is judged on averages, but what happens to those that are above average, they excel. Why not shoot for being above average, too many people are content with being just as good as the other guy. A performance exhaust with a deeper, more muscular sound, and better looks would definitely separate one Challenger from the other. Not to mention more power.

To some, sound is everything for others it is the power improvements. Most any Aftermarket Exhaust System will improve the performance of the Dodge Challenger. With gains in all the major areas of performance, horse power, torque and like I mentioned earlier gas mileage. The best exhaust upgrades for the Dodge Challenger are made by MBRP though. We’ve seen the biggest power gains from their kits and they come with a lifetime warranty.

For example an MBRP exhaust for the Dodge Challenger will increase the horse power by 24 horses at the rear wheels and 24 extra ft/lbs of torque on the 5.7L V8, and the gains on the 6.1L SRT8 are 29 hp and 25 tq, and on the V6 Challengers 14 horsepower and 9 torque for the upgraded single exhaust, and an incredible 20 hp and 12 tq when you upgrade the V6 challenger to a dual exhaust. All while gaining 1-3 miles per gallon while driving conservatively. The MBRP exhaust system for the Dodge Challenger is a 3″ Exhaust for all the V8 engines and 2.5″ on the V6 engines and are available in either T-304 or T-409 stainless steel. The T-304 is the higher quality system and the T-409 is a little more cost effective, and still a quality system. Neither of the systems are going to rust.

Dodge Challenger Decals – Do it Yourself Or Made to Order?

In less time and more luxury, cars were made for the sole purpose of getting people from one place to another. Over time however, car designers began developing concept cars instead of for mere commuters. The cars became more stylish and powerful. However in 1970 the Dodge Challenger made a sporty car. This was a cult following development. A lot of people still have very much pride in driving the Dodge Challenger, Also driving with the decals on them.

The third-generation Challenger cars, first seen at the Chicago and Philadelphia motor exhibitions in the current year, have the same ravenous, sexy look of the first-generation Dodge Challenger. And thankfully, the world famous dodge challenger decals still feature on top of this coupe.

If you happen to own a Challenger car, you would know that all accessories for this car are easily available online as well as from local clubs of Dodge Challenger owners. Yes, that includes the emblems and the decals.

If you currently do not own this car but would love to own it, you have two options before you. First option is to buy a Dodge Challenger in mint condition from a current owner and spruce it up using challenger stripe kits.

If you wish to buy dodge challenger decals individually, you can select from fender stripes, door stripes, rear panel stripes, and squeegee. However, true enthusiasts acquire all these accessories together by buying challenger stripe kits. These decals are primarily made from vinyl. Some decals are also made from composites, cloth-paper, and ceramics. You have the choice of customizing your strip kit.

An alternative is to wait for the next set of made-to-order Challengers by Dodge. These vehicles are in high demand and this can result in price that is higher than the manufacturer’s suggest retail price. Nevertheless, the esteem of being the owner of a Dodge Challenger and having quality performance, decals which are appealing and making others green with envy is a powerful incentive to spend more money.

Dodge Challenger MBRP Exhaust

For those about to rock, we salute you! If you are a power junky the new Dodge Challenger packs more than enough punch. The Challenger SE is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 with 250 hp and 250 pound-feet of torque. The only transmission for the SE is a four-speed automatic. The R/T sports a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 that makes 370 hp and 398 lb-ft of torque. It comes mated to a five-speed automatic, with a six-speed manual available — with the latter gearbox, the 5.7 makes 5 more hp. The SRT8 comes with a 6.1-liter V8 packing 425 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque, with transmission choices mirroring those of the R/T. Dodge claims the R/T will rocket to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds. Although there have been rumors of people timing it at 5.1 seconds. For the size of this beast that is fast, for that matter it is fast for any car.

Just because the Dodge Challenger comes with more than enough power, why stop with being the same. Want to turn your SE Challenger into the best sounding V6 on the road? Look into upgrading the exhaust system to an MBRP Dodge Challenger Exhaust. This exhaust system averages some of the highest gains in Dodge Challenger performance on the market. MBRP promises you that you will not go unimpressed with the power gains, torque gains and the sweet sound of muscle. You will also be impressed with the way it looks when you walk out of your house and you can see the shining tips of the MBRP Exhaust.

The Dodge Challenger as you have read already has some pretty impressive numbers as far as performance goes but you can do better than that. The MBRP Dodge Challenger Exhaust System gives 20 extra horses at the rear wheels, an extra 12 ft/lbs of torque on the 3.5L V6 and 24 hp and 20 foot pounds of torque on the the 5.7L. Even more impressive is the 29 horsepower and 25 torque of the 6.1L SRT-8 model. They even offer a possible 1-3 mpg for those who can control that lead foot. All of these specs are a vast improvement and give you better gains than most anything else out there that we’ve seen.

Don’t worry about installing the MBRP Exhaust for the Dodge Challenger. MBRP has made the installation as simple as possible with most of it being bolt on parts. Also included in the kit is everything needed to attach it minus the tools and the tools that are needed are just your basic everyday tools that most people already have. And then there is always your local body and muffler shops that could be available if you really wanted.

The MBRP Exhaust for the Dodge Challenger comes with a lifetime warranty and won’t void the manufacturers warranty from Dodge. It uses the stock catalytic converters so the dealerships are fine with the upgraded exhaust. They also come in a polished mirror finish that looks great and won’t rust because it is made in a 2.5″ diameter exhaust made of T-409 or T-304 stainless steel on the V6 and 3″ diameter T-409 or T-304 stainless steel on the V8 models. We love the gains that the MBRP Dodge Challenger Exhaust gives. Enjoy the ride if you haven’t already people.