Dodge Challenger Decals – Do it Yourself Or Made to Order?

In less time and more luxury, cars were made for the sole purpose of getting people from one place to another. Over time however, car designers began developing concept cars instead of for mere commuters. The cars became more stylish and powerful. However in 1970 the Dodge Challenger made a sporty car. This was a cult following development. A lot of people still have very much pride in driving the Dodge Challenger, Also driving with the decals on them.

The third-generation Challenger cars, first seen at the Chicago and Philadelphia motor exhibitions in the current year, have the same ravenous, sexy look of the first-generation Dodge Challenger. And thankfully, the world famous dodge challenger decals still feature on top of this coupe.

If you happen to own a Challenger car, you would know that all accessories for this car are easily available online as well as from local clubs of Dodge Challenger owners. Yes, that includes the emblems and the decals.

If you currently do not own this car but would love to own it, you have two options before you. First option is to buy a Dodge Challenger in mint condition from a current owner and spruce it up using challenger stripe kits.

If you wish to buy dodge challenger decals individually, you can select from fender stripes, door stripes, rear panel stripes, and squeegee. However, true enthusiasts acquire all these accessories together by buying challenger stripe kits. These decals are primarily made from vinyl. Some decals are also made from composites, cloth-paper, and ceramics. You have the choice of customizing your strip kit.

An alternative is to wait for the next set of made-to-order Challengers by Dodge. These vehicles are in high demand and this can result in price that is higher than the manufacturer’s suggest retail price. Nevertheless, the esteem of being the owner of a Dodge Challenger and having quality performance, decals which are appealing and making others green with envy is a powerful incentive to spend more money.