Does The 2012 Dodge Challenger Measure Up?

The Dodge Challenger is meant as a car for those who truly savor every moment they are behind the wheel, and according to that standard, which Dodge set for itself when it introduced this revived muscle car, the 2012 model certainly measures up. It even overtakes its formidable predecessors, with improvements and features that keep up the Challenger tradition while adding new dimensions to it for this model year.

As has been the fortunate case from this model’s very inception, the design of the 2012 Dodge Challenger, while keeping true to the classic design of models past, presents a striking contrast to practically everything else on the road that has been manufactured over the past couple of decades. This design is a fully retro, yet fully modern, rendering of the famed muscle car that seemed to have been forgotten when higher energy costs put an end to the desire of the average young American to test the limits of his brawny, yet somehow sleek, new roadster.

Inside, however, the 2012 Dodge Challenger is pure 21st century comfort and technology. Of course, the first thing anyone who is considering a car like the Challenger takes into account is its power train. To put it mildly, this year’s iteration of the Challenger poses quite a challenge in this essential respect. The 2012 Challenger is offered with a 3.6-liter, 305 horsepower V-6 as a standard option. While it is more than adequate, real enthusiasts will prefer to choose between the optional 5.7 liter or top-of-the-heap 6.4 liter V-8 HEMI offerings.

Either of these majestic optional engines, reminiscent as they are of the powerful engines of the original muscle cars, will ensure that a real sports car enthusiast gets his due ration of excitement the moment he revs up his 2012 Dodge Challenger. The smaller of the two HEMIs delivers a powerful punch at 375 horsepower, and the larger one matches 470 horsepower with 470 foot-pounds of torque that turns the 2012 Dodge Challenger into the automotive equivalent of a veritable roaring grizzly bear that maneuvers itself deftly as it takes on any surface on which it is driven.

The Dodge Challenger is a big, heavy car, and that is its true appeal. However, it handles extremely well for its size and weight. Most importantly, it is big and comfortable inside for both driver and passengers, so everyone inside can experience the best of a Challenger ride. Both the base and extended trim packages are full of features that maximize comfort without sacrificing the muscular road feel of the 2012 Dodge Challenger.

Indeed, the 2012 Dodge Challenger measures up, and it measures up in a big way, to both its competitors and its predecessors. It is the car for you if you are looking to be the king of the road in a way that garners real respect for your taste and desire to drive a car that is unique in its dedication to restoring the feeling of power that accompanied the muscle cars of old.