Why Is the 2011 Dodge Challenger The New Kid On The Block?

The 2011 Dodge Challenger truly lives up to its name. It challenges potential customers to find a reason not to buy it, just as it challenges and edges out its competitors when it comes to performance, design and comfort. The 2011 Dodge Challenger presents several improvements over past models that truly make this car the new kid on the block, stealing attention from its competitors as it establishes itself among the top cars in its class.

If the design of the Dodge Challenger for 2011 seems familiar, it is because the design is indeed “retro,” hearkening back to simpler times when American mid-price sports cars were all the rage and when foreign competition did not stand a chance against classic, yet groundbreaking American design. Most of all, the classic design evokes the power of the “muscle” sports cars of old, and in this respect especially, the Dodge Challenger rises to and far above the challenge.

Even the standard 3.6-liter V6 is a power plant to be reckoned with, but the 6.4-liter V8 that is the keystone of the premium SRT8 392 model is a true powerhouse that delivers 470 horsepower. Either engine gives the car the power it needs to accelerate quickly and maintain a power-filled ride on city streets as well as on the highway. The fuel economy of both models is also tops for engines of its class.

Electro-hydraulic power steering and a re-designed suspension for 2011 make the Challenger easy to handle without taking away from its sports car feel. Monotube shocks protect the suspension and its proprietary “roll-steer geometry” uses a five-link setup that individually controls toe and camber suspension fluctuations for stability and a smoother ride. Safety is not forgotten either, with full air bag protection and anti-lock disc brakes standard on all versions of the Challenger.

The interior also evokes the era of the American sports car of old. While the cockpit includes Garmin navigation and other modern features, its design is strictly classic, with round gauges and the red needles of old masking the digital technology that actually powers these gauges. Nappa leather seats replace the fabric seats as an option on some available trim packages, and other optional interior amenities include Sirius satellite radio and audiophile Boston Acoustics speakers.

Both the standard Pentastar V-6 based SE model and the limited edition powerhouse of a V-8 model known as the SRT8 392 are perfect choices for the sports car enthusiast who wants a modern version of what an American car once was – a champion in design, engineering, handling and power that does not sacrifice either safety or comfort to provide a true sports-car ride even in city traffic. A Challenger driver knows that he is driving the new kid on the block, as the 2011 remake of this classic design, with its improved features and striking appearance, will get attention when he drives it around the corner just as it will when he enjoys a ride on the fast lane of the freeway.